Average height for his race, stands tall amongst others. Long black hair and light blue eyes. A pale complexion and a serious countenance. Sharp features denoting his ancestry. More glares than looks or glances towards others. Carries himself very proudly; chin up, chest out always in proper form. Always tries to put forth an air of superiority, deserved or not. Does not necessarily look down on others, but does not offer them respect either. His horse is his favorite among the small stock he had bought and trained, a proud Two-toned, Dun-colored horse, wearing a dull red colored quilted barding. He is wearing scale mail with a dark gray hue, a dull red shoulder cape over his left shoulder.


Comes from a kingdom which in decades past was ruled by an upper class, consisting of Kelrinaeth’s kin. The lower classes were comprised of mostly dwarf and human with an occasional orc or half-orc. Any important job was kept to an elf, a mix of distrust and a feeling the more incompetent races would not reach expectations were the motive. This went on for two centuries before a recent war weakened the upper classes grip. The lower members of this society threw up their arms in rebellion and most of the ruling elves were slaughtered or expelled.

Kelrinaeth has spent the last few decades collecting what he could from his families estates and training. He sets out to the port city of ____ in a province well away from his homeland, hoping to make a name for himself and build power and wealth to either retake his homeland or find a new one, preferably with himself sitting comfortably at the top.

He blames the previous failure on his kin, for not keeping a tight enough grip on the lesser folk. Kelrinaeth sets out with his best horse and a suit of armor freshly purchased, his old shield and focuses eyes forward.


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